Wear, Wait, Wash

Covid 19

 Below is our Covid 19 Refund Policies.....

We are going to plan ahead and work closely with our venue as we have weekly meetings on how we are looking on hosting a NC indoor sporting event.  If at our registration deadline (December 30th) we feel there is going to be a cancellation, we will shut down the meet and refund 100 %. (Meetmaker fees are non refundable).

If we get cancelled due to a Government or USAG regulations shut down after  December 30th, a 50% refund will be issued along with the event leo that was ordered.(Meetmaker fees are nonrefundable). There will be No Refunds after December 30th.

UPDATE 12/29/20: Lucky is NOT CANCELLING - Plan as of 12/29/20

We will plan to wait as long as we can for NC government and the arena to make a decision as to the rules on in door sporting events.  Plan A will be to compete in person at the arena.  Plan B will be to go Virtual.  Teams must withdrawal from the competition by December 30th for a refund (Meetmaker fees are nonrefundable). No refunds after December 30th.

Standard meet refund policies will apply for individual refunds and scratches.  Please note, refunds will only be giving due to cases of athlete Injury with provided Drs note within the refund period.  Covid exposure, sickness, Flu, etc...  are not grounds for refund.

Please go ahead and reserve your spot in the USAG reservation system.  If it comes down to numbers, we will take teams on a first come first serve basis on how registration came in.

****Masking will be REQUIRED for ALL spectators, coaches, judges, and athletes ( athletes-while standing & waiting) in the arena. NO EXCEPTIONS!  

*We will be taking temperatures at the door,  100.4 or lower to enter.

*Anyone showing signs or symptoms during competition will need to follow CDC protocol, and head home for the day immediately.  

*We will have Microphobe Ultra violet Light Wand UV -C Sanitizers for use at all events for Coaches to use.

*Sanitizing Stations on the floor for Coaches & Athletes as well as we have a separate restroom area for them.

* Social Distancing markers to help the coaches work through the meet.

* We will be doing Awards as the arena is nice and Spacious! 

UPDATE: 1/31/21- Lucky Charm will be Virtual